About BAM

For over 60 years BAM has been at the centre of shaping Ireland’s flagship infrastructure projects and creating many of its iconic landmark buildings. As a leading construction, civil engineering, PPP investment, and facilities management company, we help public and private sector clients reduce carbon emissions and enhance sustainability over the lifecycle of their buildings and infrastructure.

We employ over 3000 people directly and indirectly and are a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal BAM Group of the Netherlands.

Our primary aim is to have a Net Positive Impact on climate change, resources, and people and we have committed to being scientifically evaluated on our efforts. We are the only construction company in Ireland to feature on the Climate Change ‘A List’ published by CDP Global and have successfully retained this science-based mark over the last number of years. 

BAM also recently became a Platinum Member of the Irish Green Building Council, which aligns with BAM’s desire to be a driving force behind the transformation of the Irish construction and property sector into a global leader in quality and sustainability.

Expanding our expert and diverse workforce is integrated into our new strategy – Building a Sustainable Tomorrow. Our commitment to diversity, inclusion, fairness and respect runs through our whole employee experience at BAM. Put simply, we want BAM to be a great place to work and for our people to get the support they need to be themselves and their best. We want everyone to have a sense of ‘belonging’ here at BAM and maximise their talents, share experiences, and have their voice heard.

The world of construction is changing rapidly, and our clients want predictable, safe and sustainable solutions. BAM can meet these requirements by applying more industrialised techniques and by remaining at the forefront of the use of digitisation.  We will also continue our focus on innovation and investing in the latest technologies. This will ultimately improve safety in the workplace and result in more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable projects, while providing a very high quality and competitive solution to our clients.

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