Women in STEM Awards
26 October 2023
The Mansion House, Dawson Street, Dublin 2

Women in STEM Award – Maths

Which female mathematician has made the biggest difference in the last 12 months? You may work at one of the largest firms, or sit at the top of accountancy, finance or other maths-related areas at a not-for-profit organisation that's making a huge difference. The important thing is you're working at the forefront of mathematics doing incredible things, inspiring your organisation and standing out. 

The winning submission will demonstrate excellence in the field of mathematics. This could be the result of personal effort or as part of a team, but the entrant must demonstrate how her contribution made a significant impact, and why it goes above and beyond the usual expectations of her role.

Award criteria:

  1. Provide a career overview detailing professional achievements (350 words max) – 25 points
  2. Provide examples of their leadership qualities and indicate how they have demonstrated these qualities throughout their career. (250 words max) – 25 points
  3. Please provide examples of how they/you have achieved excellence in the field of maths. (250 words max) – 25 points
  4. Give any other reasons why you/they should be chosen for the Women in Maths award. (250 words max) - 25 points



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