Women in STEM Awards
6.30pm, 24 October 2024
The Round Room at Mansion House, Dublin

STEM Mentor of the Year Award

Behind every successful woman in STEM is a great mentor!

This award recognises outstanding mentors who have made a significant impact on the personal and professional development of women in STEM. From providing guidance and support to helping mentees navigate challenging career decisions, these mentors have gone above and beyond to empower and uplift women in STEM fields.

  1. Provide a career overview detailing professional achievements (350 words max) – 25 points
  2. Provide examples of their leadership qualities and indicate how they have demonstrated these qualities throughout their career. (250 words max) – 25 points
  3. Please provide examples of how you/they have achieved excellence in mentorship (250 words max) – 25 points
  4. Give any other reasons why you/they should be chosen for the STEM Mentor of the Year Award (250 words max) - 25 points


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