Women in STEM Awards
6.30pm, 24 October 2023
The Round Room at Mansion House, Dublin

Role Model of the Year

The Role Model of the Year Award category recognises women who have served as exceptional mentors, advocates, and leaders in the field of STEM.

It will celebrate exceptional women, and recognise their profound impact on the world of STEM. These women have inspired and empowered others through their work, whether by serving as mentors to young women in STEM, advocating for diversity and inclusion in their workplaces or communities, or serving as exceptional leaders and trailblazers in their fields.

Through their achievements and dedication, they have become role models for the next generation of women in STEM, inspiring them to pursue their passions and make their mark on the world. 

Gillian Keating & Caroline O' Driscoll - I Wish Co-Founders

Jennifer McGarry - Alexandra College Junior School

Priscilla O'Regan - BT Ireland

Professor Regina Connolly - Dublin City University

Sinead Pillion - LM Ericsson Limited

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