Women in STEM Awards
6.30pm, 24 October 2024
The Round Room at Mansion House, Dublin

Rising Star of the Year

Our Rising Star of the Year Award category celebrates the next generation of women in STEM who are already making waves in their respective fields who has progressed rapidly in the last 2 years. The award will recognise remarkable women as they continue to blaze a trail in STEM.These up-and-coming stars have demonstrated exceptional talent, ambition, and potential, and are already making significant contributions to their organisations, research projects, or academic pursuits. Whether they’re just starting their careers or pursuing advanced degrees, these women are the future of STEM, and this award aims to recognise their achievements and potential.

  1. Provide a career overview detailing professional achievements (350 words max) – 25 points
  2. Outreach: The applicant should demonstrate a record of outreach to girls in promoting STEM education, such as organising events, workshops, or mentorship programs that encourage girls to pursue STEM careers. (250 words max) – 25 points
  3. Impact: The applicant should demonstrate how their outreach has made a significant impact on girls' participation and achievement in STEM education, such as increasing enrollment, improving performance, or promoting diversity and inclusion. (250 words max) – 25 points
  4. Collaboration: The applicant should demonstrate collaboration with other organisations or individuals, such as forming partnerships, or sharing resources to promote girls in STEM education. (250 words max) – 25 points


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