Women in STEM Awards
6.30pm, 24 October 2024
The Round Room at Mansion House, Dublin

Excellence in Graduate STEM Career Services Award

This award celebrates and recognises the outstanding efforts of careers services and work placement officers in third level universities and institutions who are dedicated to helping students and graduates excel in their STEM careers.

This award highlights innovative strategies and best practices used by universities and institutions to support STEM graduates in securing rewarding positions and building successful careers. This award honours services that offer comprehensive career development resources, including mentorship, networking opportunities, and skills training, while also promoting diversity and inclusivity in STEM careers. Through showcasing success stories, this award identifies careers services and work placement officers that continue to improve their services for STEM graduates, setting new standards of excellence. 

Being recognised in this award not only acknowledges the hard work and dedication of your team but also attracts the best and brightest STEM students to your institution, providing them with the tools to succeed in their chosen careers.

  • The program must have a proven track record of successfully helping graduates secure employment in their STEM field.(250 words max) – 25 points
  • The program should offer a variety of professional development opportunities, including mentorship, career coaching, and networking events. (250 words max) – 25 points
  • The program should demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusion, including outreach to underrepresented communities in STEM. (250 words max) – 25 points
  • Provide at least 2 success stories to support your submission. (350 words max) – 25 points


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